My Impossible List

What is an impossible list? It is not a bucket list.

It is a commitment to self, a promise to continually push your limits. Better yet, an impossible list is a manifesto of a life that will not pass into the night unnoticed. As a child, most people make a list of dreams, seemingly impossible goals that are never achieved. This is my “all grown up” version, but it no longer contains impossible fantasies. Maybe some are pretty out there but none are impossible, given a significantly motivated and stubborn individual. This concept was first coined by Joel Runyon, and has been adapted to my own life ambitions and goals. Some are short-term goals, others are lifetime goals, but all will be approached with the same passion and drive I apply to all aspects of my life.



  • Significantly change one person’s life for the better.
  • Write an eBook.
  • Write a real book.
  • Make 100 people’s impossible possible with micro loans at [7/100]
  • Meditate with monks in Nepal.
  • Visit a shaman in the jungles of South America.
  • Learn to play a musical instrument.
  • Build a cabin off the grid in Alaska.
  • Create an iPhone app.
  • Spend a 3+ months alone on an undeveloped island somewhere in the world.
  • Leave a legacy.
  • See earth from space with my own eyes.
  • Take a photo everyday for a year of something beautiful.


  • Loose 50 pounds.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Run a 5k.
  • Run a 10K.
  • Run a mile in 6 minutes.
  • Ride bike 5K.
  • Ride bike 10K.
  • Do 50 Crunches in one set.
  • Wake up before sunrise continuously for 120 days.
  • Do 20 pull-ups in a row.
  • Doo 100 pushups in a row.
  • Learn to slack line.


  • Get a Bs. [May 2015]
    • Get into fully funded graduate program.
  • Get a Ms.
  • Get a PhD.
  • Publish research in a conference proceeding. [September 2012].
    • Publish a peer reviewed scientific paper
  • Discover something new and profound, and present it to the world
  • Teach at the university level.
  • Get 40 Badges. [24/40]
  • Get 40 Badges. [0/40]


  • Visit Every Continent.
    • North America [Born and raised]
    • South America [December 2014]
    • Europe
    • Asia
    • Australia
    • Africa
    • Antarctica
  • Swim in every ocean.
    • Pacific Ocean
    • Atlantic Ocean
    • Indian Ocean
    • Antarctic Ocean
    • Arctic Ocean


  • Get scuba certified.
  • Advanced open water scuba certification.
  • Do a decompression dive.
  • First accent of a mountain via alpine technique.
  • First accent of a traditional rock-climbing route 5.8+.
  • First accent of an ice climb W3 +.
  • Ski a 50-degree no-fall couloir in Alaska in good style.
  • Learn to kite-ski.
  • Climb the nose.
  • Climb the seven summits.
  • Climb an active volcano.
  • Climb and ski all the 14’nrs in Colorado.
  • Sky dive.
  • Base jump.
  • Learn to fly a plane.
  • Get to the North Pole via my own power.
  • Get to the South Pole via my own power.
  • Spend six or more months on a boat without putting my feet on land.
  • Through-hike the continental divide trail.

Events to attend

  • Running with the bulls.
  • Summer Olympics.
  • Winter Olympics.
  • Participate in La Tomatina.
  • Oktoberfest.

Simple Life

  • Live in a tent for a month.
  • Live in a tent for 3 months.
  • Live in a tent for a year.
  • Fit all my worldly possessions into my truck.

What’s on your impossible list?


This list is quite long and I encourage everyone in my life to both keep me accountable to this list, and join me in making it happen.

If you, your business or institution are interested in facilitating anything you have read here, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Created by Salvatore G Candela | Copyright 2012 - 2014 |